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Workplace Harassment is a big deal

Take workplace harassment reporting and resolution from outdated to outstanding.

Harmful workplace atmospheres can diminish productivity and pose significant risks to businesses.

Without intervention, acts of harassment can embed themselves into the organizational culture. The key hurdle is motivating employees to disclose incidents, enabling organizations to grasp the extent of the issue and work towards resolving it.

70% of employees don't trust HR

54% of employees are sexually harassed

Only 7-13% sexual assault are reported

Only 25% of sexual harassments are reported

Increase Trust & Reporting Rates

Your Solution for Workplace Harassment

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JDoe addresses harassment by overcoming the fear of negative consequences and the skepticism about the impact of speaking up, with a modern approach that encourages employees to report incidents with confidence.

Designed to create a secure environment, JDoe allows employees to report issues anonymously, by name, or leveraging collective strength.

The Resolution Hub streamlines the process for investigators to document, address, and quickly resolve workplace harassment cases, ensuring feedback loops with employees.

This solution fosters a culture of action and accountability by providing case managers and stakeholders with instant access to report statuses and developments.

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