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Dramatically increase reporting rates.

Build a speak up culture.
JDoe collaborates with ride-share companies to boost reporting rates and utilize algorithms to swiftly detect repeat offenders, all while nurturing a culture of accountability, transparency, and trust among drivers and passengers.

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Meet JDoe.
JDoe stands out as the leading solution in victim-centric anonymous reporting and information escrow software tailored specifically for ride-share companies. It is meticulously designed to address the challenges associated with reporting misconduct and is exceptionally effective in increasing reporting rates. With JDoe's information escrow system, ride-share organizations can effortlessly expand their reach, capturing more reports of misconduct that might have previously gone unreported. Furthermore, JDoe accelerates the identification of repeat offenders far more rapidly than conventional methods. By leveraging JDoe, ride-share companies can unequivocally convey a "zero tolerance" stance on misconduct, serving as a robust deterrent against various transgressions, including sexual harassment, fraud, and beyond.
Our initiative.
JDoe brings over a decade of specialized expertise in developing software dedicated to boosting reporting rates within the ride-share industry. Our anonymous reporting platform revolutionizes the reporting process by employing a dual-sided technological approach, ensuring seamless reporting while safeguarding the anonymity of victims and witnesses. This approach provides ride-share companies with a comprehensive real-time insight into the safety of their ecosystems. By prioritizing security and user accessibility, our aim is to significantly enhance reporting rates. Behind the scenes, our platform swiftly identifies repeat offenders and empowers both drivers and passengers to confidentially share their reports internally, even those who may have hesitated to do so previously. Traditional methods often struggle to uncover repeat bad actors amidst underreported misconduct. For ride-share companies seeking to strengthen their speak-up culture and internal reporting strategies, JDoe offers an innovative and aspirational solution.
Reports and Cases.
Ride-share companies that collaborate with JDoe gain access to a secure application and web platform. JDoe's distinctive anonymous reporting and information escrow system provide the most reliable reporting mechanism for your workforce. As reporting rates surge, our system swiftly identifies repeat offenders, expediting the resolution process. Users who may have hesitated to share their reports internally are now empowered to do so. Moreover, ride-share organizations can utilize information escrow as a novel approach to handling misconduct reports, ensuring communal benefit even if employees opt for anonymity or feel uncomfortable sharing their reports internally.
Maps and Metrics.
Maps provides an overview of where incidents took place geographically and a heat map of reported incidents. Metrics provides an overview of reports and active cases, notifications, encrypted messages, and more.
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