Streamline Intake & Case Management

JDoe's Resolution Hub


JDoe’s advanced all-in-one case management system assists internal investigators in organizing and structuring case data, ensuring it can be easily read, understood, and acted upon effectively.


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Intake and Case Management
How it works
When employees submit reports, these are directed to the most suitable Case Manager, who receives a notification to start the investigation process. All relevant incident details, including evidence, are collected and stored in JDoe’s Resolution Hub to facilitate a streamlined investigation. Case Managers also have the capability to communicate directly with reporters within the report interface.
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Integrity Monitoring

JDoe's Integrity Monitoring products empower every member of your business ecosystem – encompassing employees, shareholders, and suppliers – to detect and prevent misconduct by leveraging a comprehensive, multi-channel strategy.

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See how employers use JDoe to combat misconduct ›