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Workplace Bullying is a big deal

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Toxic workplace environments can undercut productivity and present substantial threats to businesses. Without timely intervention, bullying behaviors can become ingrained in a company's culture.

The primary challenge lies in encouraging employees to report such incidents, allowing organizations to fully understand the problem's scope and actively work on solutions.

70% of employees don't trust HR

66% of employees are aware of workplace bullying

Only 7-13% bullying incidents are reported

Businesses lose $1,000 per employee annually to bullying

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Increase Trust & Reporting Rates

Your Solution for Eradicating Workplace Bullying

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JDoe addresses the challenge of bullying by offering a modern, accessible solution that dismantles the fear of repercussions, empowering employees to report incidents with confidence.

Crafted to foster a safe reporting environment, JDoe enables employees to share their experiences anonymously, openly, or by drawing on the strength of numbers.

The Resolution Hub optimizes the procedure for investigators to document, tackle, and swiftly resolve cases of workplace bullying, ensuring that there is communication back to employees.

This solution promotes a culture of proactive measures and accountability by offering case managers and relevant parties immediate access to the status and progress of reports.

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