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Ethical breaches and non-compliance, akin to other forms of corporate misconduct, pose a considerable threat to businesses worldwide, affecting both financial stability and reputation.

The main factors contributing to the underreporting of such incidents are the lack of consequences for the offenders and inadequate protections for the individuals who report these violations.

84% of organizations publish annual reports

70% of employees don't trust HR

65% of employees have observed misconduct

Only 7-13% misconduct incidents are reported

Increase Trust & Reporting Rates

Your Solution for Enhancing Ethics & Compliance in the Workplace

*Data shown in graphic is not live data

As traditional methods like hotlines, spreadsheets, and emails become outdated, leading to lost evidence and inaccuracies, organizations seeking to maintain an ethical culture and compliance while mitigating risks must motivate employees to report misconduct.

JDoe enables you to uncover and address workplace misconduct that would otherwise remain hidden, maintaining your organization’s ethical integrity and compliance.

Enhance operational efficiency through automated sorting and revolutionize case management with seamless team collaboration. Identify and address risk patterns early to prevent future issues.

Achieve ESG compliance by proactively eliminating violations before they escalate, thereby sustaining high productivity levels and reducing employee turnover.

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