Activate Integrity

Open Reporting


With JDoe’s Open Reporting platform, you can extend the Speak Up initiative to include not only employees but also investors, suppliers, and customers. This approach helps to reveal incidents of workplace misconduct that might otherwise go unnoticed, ensuring that your organization embraces and activates integrity across all its interactions.


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How it works
With JDoe’s Active Integrity solution, large organizations can empower every participant in their business ecosystem—including employees, customers, shareholders, and suppliers—to uncover, resolve, and prevent misconduct. This system utilizes a multi-channel disclosure strategy, centralizes a collaborative investigation process, and disseminates actionable integrity insights. By doing so, organizations can minimize blindspots, significantly reduce the time needed to resolve issues, prevent future misconduct, and transform integrity into a competitive edge.
Our Products

Integrity Monitoring

JDoe's Integrity Monitoring products empower every member of your business ecosystem – encompassing employees, shareholders, and suppliers – to detect and prevent misconduct by leveraging a comprehensive, multi-channel strategy.

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See how employers use JDoe to combat misconduct ›