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Bribery and corruption, like other types of white-collar crime, represent a significant risk to companies globally, impacting both finances and reputation.

The primary reasons for underreporting such incidents include the absence of repercussions for those responsible and insufficient safeguards for those who report them.

Estimated 1 trillion dollars paid each year in bribes globally

24% of global organizations are victims of bribery & corruption

Only 7-13% of corruption incidents are reported

Rolls-Royce paid £671M to settle bribery allegations

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*Data shown in graphic is not live data

In tandem with robust anti-corruption initiatives and ethical protocols, an innovative solution for reporting misconduct, such as JDoe, can significantly lower the occurrences of bribery.

JDoe provides direct access to your policy documents and educational resources right within the app.

The Resolution Hub of JDoe empowers businesses to identify and address issues promptly, avoiding the need for external intervention.

With Open Reporting, the functionalities of JDoe expand across your entire business network, encompassing both suppliers and clients.

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