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Ethical violations and non-compliance acts, much like other corporate wrongdoings, pose significant threats to businesses globally, jeopardizing both their financial health and their reputations.

A major issue in the fight against such unethical behaviors is the underreporting of incidents, often due to a lack of repercussions for violators and insufficient protection for those who report these acts.

70% of employees don't trust HR

43% of employees have seen or experienced illicit behavior at work

43% of corporate fraud is exposed by whistleblowing

Only 7-13% of misconduct incidents are reported

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*Data shown in graphic is not live data

JDoe revolutionizes reporting in the modern business landscape, merging ethics and compliance through a solution that effectively uncovers workplace misconduct, supporting a culture of integrity and risk management.

JDoe empowers employees to report incidents confidently, providing a secure platform for anonymous or named reports, and leveraging collective strength to address and resolve issues.

The Resolution Hub makes it easier for investigators to document and act on reports of misconduct efficiently, ensuring a feedback loop with employees and promoting a culture where ethical concerns are taken seriously and addressed promptly.

Incorporating JDoe into your ethics and compliance strategy not only strengthens your organization's ethical framework but also positions you as a leader in fostering a safe, transparent, and accountable workplace culture.

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