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Fraud involves intentionally using deceit, false claims, misrepresentation, hiding the truth, or employing dishonest methods to gain benefits for oneself or an institution.

The 2021 Financial Cost of Fraud report highlights that the worldwide expense due to fraud and money laundering has surpassed $4 trillion, posing a significant challenge for organizations.

70% of employees don't trust HR

54% of employees have stolen from their employer once

Only 7-13% of fraud incidents are reported

Businesses lose 5% of annual revenue to fraud each year

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JDoe supports your ethics, compliance, and audit teams from start to finish in uncovering, examining, and addressing incidents of fraud at work.

Workers have the option to report problems anonymously, by name, or using our strength-in-numbers approach.

The Resolution Hub enhances the investigation process by enabling E&C teams to examine evidence and documents directly in the app, facilitating the creation of detailed, impartial, and prompt reports.

Subsequently, it enables them to complete the communication cycle with employees, showing that appropriate measures have been implemented.

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