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JDoe is designed to engage employees through a familiar, mobile-first approach, seamlessly integrating into their everyday digital experience.


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What to expect
JDoe's mobile app provides employees with an easy and intuitive way to record and report incidents of organizational misconduct. It acts as a dependable and accessible tool for documenting all essential details of an incident, promoting a smooth process that encourages employees to report issues confidently and internally.
JDoe ensures anonymity for all reports, allowing users to decide if they want to be contacted by their employer. Although the information is stored anonymously, JDoe can still detect connections and identify co-victims. As the system collects intelligence and finds matches, it automatically alerts users. Employees have the choice in deciding to pursue action.
All user information is end-to-end encrypted. This means once a report is filed, all indexing is done by our algorithm without any identifiable information. We adhere to the same security standards used by government entities and banks.
Reporting Options.
By choosing to report workplace misconduct anonymously, employees can safeguard their identity while still engaging and communicating with their designated case manager.
By name
JDoe fosters a culture of trust between employees and their employers, enabling individuals to openly report incidents under their own name through the JDoe mobile app.
With JDoe’s information escrow system, employees can mark their reports to be shared when the system identifies a pattern (i.e. when another JDoe app user names the same perpetrator).
Our Products

Integrity Monitoring

JDoe's Integrity Monitoring products empower every member of your business ecosystem – encompassing employees, shareholders, and suppliers – to detect and prevent misconduct by leveraging a comprehensive, multi-channel strategy.

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See how employers use JDoe to combat misconduct ›